Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Reflection~

Lai Ziying: 

I love my CZ Square. Since I took up this challenge, I have been looking forward to the participation I was very elated about it.  As time passed by, I realised that our time was running out and my team members and I had to participate in our school events during the day while working on the competition at night. I feel very proud of the unity shown by my team, especially when we all sat in front of our Mac and worked on the same competition, towards the same goal despite the different locations we were at. 

I know that my teammates have been working on our social platforms painstakingly with me, thus, I am truly appreciative about their presence and I hope all of us have gained new experiences, more confidence, and been leveled to a higher level in terms of thinking and communicating.

Tomorrow is the day...And I am thankful for all the friends who have supported us this far by liking our Facebook page, leaving their encouraging comments behind...CZ Square, enjoy the moment! The second which we have right now is a gift and eternity.


Give yourself a pat on the shoulder and say, "Well done!"

WWW! :D 



Nah Hui Kang, Christopher:

I LOVE my team! Being in this competition, I have been given lots of opportunity to learn, think and showcase my findings. Although we were all very tired as we had to attend school early in the morning and participate in this challenge late at night, I have been happy interacting with my teammates as they were very focused and we got work done in such a short time due to the common goal that we had. 

We have been working hard on the social platforms, trying to get the freshest information to the visitors. We have made an incredible rate of 30 likes a day which we didn't expected that much. So 15 Nov is the day… I am looking forward to the presentation and hope for the best! :D

I am happy and feel lucky being able to participate in this competition. I would like to thank Ziying for being the group leader and for inviting me into this group. I would also like to thank Zheng Jie and my family and friends for supporting me totally throughout the course of this competition. I felt I have gained invaluable experiences and have been leveled to a higher level of thinking critically and communicating effectively that I could not have done so without taking the first step of joining this competition. I have learned lots of stuffs about social platforms which I didn't expected it to be so complicated and lots of other stuff about online advertisement. I am really looking forward to participating in this competition again soon! :D

Cheers! :D

Christopher Nah

Zheng Jie:D

This competition was an amazing experience that I thought I would definitely do if I have the chance. We have such a all-rounded team even if we have only 3 people. Ziying is good at higher order thinking skills and Charisma, everyone is so impressed with her social skills and positive attitude and she is always on task. Christopher has the knowledge just like a second Albert Einstein, then we would debate that Albert Einstein is not so smart… and all that. But another good thing is that he can concentrate when needed. I am well, good at inspirational stuff and others like creativity. With this well-versed team, I feel we could go a thousand miles and further!As I type this reflection, I watch as both Christopher and Ziying putting their all in the final touches of the presentation. Even if we don't win, I feel we have won inside already.

we have worked very hard for this competition, all those late nights, planning, work, videos, and the creation of the master piece I am proud to say is mine! I feel we have grown in this competition and allow us to understand each other better, and how to work well as a team. Even if we had a shorter time due  to our school ending late, we felt the Hard work is the substitute of time, and although we cannot control the event, we can control our reaction and change the outcome.

All the Best!
CZ Square!

Saturday, November 13, 2010